Getting A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo

When you are getting a tattoo at Steetfelt, it is important to know what to expect while you are at the shop. Please read on:

Wether it’s your first tattoo or you’ve been tattooed before always bring your ID (drivers license or state ID).

Never come drunk or on drugs (you will be asked to come back when you are sober).

Plan on staying out of the ocean, pools, waterfalls,sun and saunas for a week or two depending on the tattoo you will be receiving.
Look at the artists portfolios and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Come clean. Please don’t enter the shop straight from the beach full of sand even for consultation, if coming in for an appointment make sure your clean and don’t come in with an empty stomach.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the tattoo shop, unless you are 17 and accompanied by a parent or guardian with same last name on both of your ID’s.

No drinking, drug use, smoking or vaping are allowed in the shop.

For a consultation or walk-in appointment bring printed images or ideas with you to help the artist know what you’re interested in getting tattooed.

Artists will not directly copy another tattoo unless it is already a piece of tattoo flash for example (Sailor Jerry design, shop hand painted designs).

Streetfelt Hawaii accepts US Cash or credit and debit using ‘Square’ card reader.

We as professionals artists dedicate our lives to this craft and we are putting all of ourselves into making you the best possible tattoo that you will have for the rest of your lives. Please be patient with the tattoo process and understand that tattoos take time and cost money. We do not haggle, we have set prices either the tattoo minimum or the hourly rate.

We love tips! Tattoo artist provide a service just like the waiter serving you food or person cutting your hair, they are putting something permanent on you and tipping is a great way of showing you enjoyed their service.

Listen to the artists recommendations for tattoo aftercare (Do not ask your friends) and lastly enjoy your new tattoo!

Thank you for choosing Streetfelt Tattoo – Mahalo!

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