Custom Tattoo Design

Custom tattoo requests

If you’re considering a custom tattoo here are a few things to help with the process.

Have a consultation with your Hawaii tattoo artist first.

Check out the Hawaii tattoo artists portfolio.

Our artist will tell you if it is a style or something they can do if not we will recommend you to another artist in town who does the style better you’re looking for.

Bring with you printed images and ideas you have for the tattoo if possible.

Custom work means we will not copy other tattoos but you are welcome to bring images of other tattoos for the artist to see and reference your ideas from.

Know whether you’d like black and grey ink only or a color tattoo, artist will also give you their best recommendation for the tattoo.

Next set your appointment or a day to check out the design and leave a $80 cash deposit with the artist.

Your custom tattoo artwork can be changed as many times as needed to be perfect for you and artists recommendations combined.

With your tattoo design, appointment date and time confirmed you are now ready for your custom tattoo.

Make sure to arrive on time or early, any missed appointments and you will lose your non-refundable cash deposit and will be required to leave another deposit and set a new tattoo date and time.

We hope all this info will help make your tattoo experience with us a pleasurable one and we hope to see you again!

We love for customers to send us healed pictures of their tattoos and enjoy nice comments left on our yelp page and other social media.

Tell your friends and family about us and thank you for choosing Streetfelt Tattoo!


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