With an interest in art at a very early age, that interest led Marko down the path of tattooing & graffiti. From his preteen years threw teen years, Marko dabbled in a few hand poked tattoos and homemade tattoo machines. Graffiti for Marko was just a secret name he had that he wrote around town by himself Just for fun which started in 1992. It wasn’t until 2002 when Marko really found out what graffiti was all about from his new crew of friends. Marko started professionally tattooing a few years later in 2007. In 2015 he combined his two arts and opened Streetfelt Hawaii, the first and only Tattoo shop + Graffiti supply store in all of Hawaii


Call: (808) 784-1621


Mike Pyro, more commonly known as “Pyro”… Original founding  member of Los Angeles’ infamous “West Coast Artists” Crew, as well as a member of the World Famous Seventh Letter Crew, Mike has been an integral part of the Los Angeles Street Art Scene since the early 1980’s.

Known for clean lines and expert letter manipulation, Mike completed his tattoo apprenticeship in 1997 and has worked alongside many legends in the tattoo industry.

In addition to being a script & lettering master, Mike brings his influences of graffiti, gang lettering, traditional tattoo, and elegant typography into his designs resulting in a unique approach to his tattooing which has taken him and his style all over the world and won various awards for both tattooing and graffiti.

As well as having designed many logos for well known bands and clothing labels, Mike has been featured in numerous videos,  periodicals, both national and international and Mike has just recently been featured in the book “Skin-Graf, Masters of Graffiti Tattoo” as well as “The History Of Los Angeles Graffiti Volume 1, 1982-1989” and just recently he was inducted into the Getty Museum Permanent Collection.