How to Keep Your Tattoo in Best Shape for Years

Once you are done with getting the kind of tattoo of your style and color, the next task is to take care of it. Yes, tattoos too need proper care in order to remain in their best form.

I would suggest that post tattoo care must not be taken carelessly. Famous Honolulu tattoo shops advice that being casual after putting a tattoo on the body can diminish its life. Thus, one must take care of the tattoo as much as possible.

In fact, once you know all-encompassing care instructions, it will guide you throughout the tattoo journey to keep it in its best shape.

Catch some essential aftercare steps here:


1. Keep the Bandage Wrapped Until asked by the Artist

It completely depends on the artist. Some may ask you to keep it for an hour or so while others may ask you to keep it for a longer duration. Your artists know the best for how long the bandage needs to be there.

2. Wash the Tattoo Properly

Wash the tattoo properly with the help of warm water and natural soap in order to remove excess plasma and blood. After this, pat the area with a towel. Do not rub it.

3. Use a Lotion to Moisture the Area

After properly drying the area, you must apply a very thin layer to moisturize and nourish the area. Do not use any other products except aftercare lotions.

4. Wash the Tattoo Regularly

Keep washing the tattoo regularly with a natural or fragrance-free soap at least twice a day. Note that the tattoo isn’t completely free from germs unless the peeling and scabbing part is over. Most Honolulu tattoo shops ask their clients to do this for at least 2-4weeks.

5. Don’t Pick or Pull the Scabbing Skin

Scabbing or peeling off skin delays the healing process and even increase the chances of infection. In addition, do not expose the skin to the sunlight and never apply a sunscreen lotion unless the area is fully healed.

6. Keep Your Tattoo Away from Water

Water contains such horrible bacteria that it ruins the tattoo if you stay careless. Go for short showers until the skin is fully healed. And avoid swimming in this duration.
Even after your tattoo is fully cured, continue to take care of it. Do not forget to moisturize the area on daily basis.

Why Take Care of Your Tattoo Once it’s Healed

It is essential to take care of your tattoo so that it never is infected and thus causing you pain. The aftercare of the tattoo is very important. As you age, your tattoo age too, therefore, you must take care of it properly. Another important factor is the environmental factor. Even the environment has a crucial role keeping the state of the tattoo in its best condition.

Most Honolulu tattoo shops make sure that their tattoos remain in the best condition for years. Your artist will offer instructions to keep your tattoo in the best condition.

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